Monday, April 14, 2008

A Trip To Starbucks...

I just ordered a vanilla bean frappuchino from Starbucks at the Fashion Valley Mall. I gave the barista my last name (Kaiser) as I normally do since "Aaron" is common and can be confused with "Karen" and other names (plus, it's cool to hear my last name said out loud).

The barista asked, "Like the doctor?"

Now, I knew she was referring to Kaiser Permanente (which is ironically the advertisement on the table I am sitting at and can be somewhat seen under the cup in the picture), but I couldn't resist saying, "Well, Dr. von Kaiser."

After a brief exchange of explaining who DvK was and who I am, she pressed me for an autograph. So, since I wasn't carrying any postcards, I signed a Starbucks cup with my typical "Don't do anything too evil" tagline. (I was unsuccessful in getting her phone number in exchange.)

Anyway, I laughed and waited for my drink to arrive. Soon enough, my name was called and another customer (yet again an attractive, young female) asked, "Kaiser? Like in the cartoon?"

I did a double-take.

"You mean Dr. von Kaiser?" I clarified.

"Yeah," she responded. "Isn't there a cartoon called that?"

It turns out that this young lady was at Comic-Con last year and picked up one of our postcards from the freebies tables and the sight and sound of my last name triggered her memory.

This event made my day. Actual street recognition makes the entire effort worth every drop of sweat.

Well, I reminded her of the website ( and told her to add our MySpace accounts and the Facebook fan page. In any case, this proves that viral marketing (and marketing in general) works and remains ingrained in the minds of those who view it.

This gives me hope for the future and reminds me that we need to one-up what we did last year at Comic-Con. We must have more to show for ourselves than just a 4x6" postcard with some artwork.


GroovyBrent said...

Yeah baby!

MichaelC said...

AMAZING...that you didnt get a single number....

Aaron Matthew Kaiser said...

It was a pretty good pickup line, too. "I feel bad. I don't have anything from you in exchange."

"Like what?"

"I dunno... your phone number?"